Musik berührt Stellen, an die andere Eindrücke im Leben gar nicht heran kommen. Und es heißt, Menschen die dir neue Musik bringen, sind die Wertvollstenin deinem Leben 😉
So kritisch wir 2020 & 2021 auch einstufen könnten  – einige Künstler haben Dinge erschaffen, die sind einfach unglaublich. Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass Musik auch Heilung ist und uns Gesundheit bringt, zum Beispiel bei Depressionen. Hier sind also meine Highlights 2021.

Und bevor wir starten, eine musikalische Reise durch mein Leben: Brandy Census 2020 performance

Die ganze Playlist

Zu allererst, das Lied das bitte JEDE/R hören darf:

Alicia Keys – „Good Job“ (Robin Hood Relief Performance)

You’re the engine that makes all things go
Always in disguise, my hero
I see your light in the dark
Smile in my face when we all know it’s hard
There’s no way to ever pay you back
Bless your heart, know I love you for that
You’re doing a good job
Don’t get too down
The world needs you now
Know that you matter, matter, matter, yeah

Queens Cast, Brandy – Until My Final Breath

Für Alle, die eine spezielle Person in Ihrem Leben haben:

So let me say this just in case I haven’t yet
Of every friend I’ve ever had, you’ve been the best
Don’t wanna imagine life if we had never met
And I will lift you up until my final breath
Until my final breath
Trust I know who you are
No matter how the story’s told
I see the good in you
Know you do the same for me
There’s no time, there’s no space
That could change that reality, oh
It’s not been easy
But you’ve been here to help be grow
And I never would’ve made it without you
I hope you know

Alicia Keys – „Gramercy Park“

geht sehr tief – gerade für die Menschen, die gern Alles tun um Anderen zu Gefallen.
Dabei besteht jedoch die Gefahr sich selbst zu verlieren:

I’ve been trying to be everything I think you want me to be

I’ve been doing all the things that I think you wanna see

I’ve been trying to fulfill you with your every need

Now you falling for a person that’s not even me
Now you falling for a person that’s not even me

‚Cause I forgot about the person that I used to be

Alicia Keys – Daffodils (Original)

Für die Menschen, die ebenfalls mit dem Frühling erwachen, hier ist unser Lied:
.. und meine eigene, kleine Videokomposition

I been walking in the snow

Looking for myself in the cold

The sun always brings the light

Time always brings a change

Winter is over

Here come the daffodils

I feel like I can finally let it be

Let my intentions go

And if you see the clouds of your prayers

Just hold me close and know

Better days are ahead

Alicia Keys – Daffodils (Original) Visualizer

Alicia Keys – Daffodils (Unlocked) Visualizer

Brandy, Nadine Velazquez, Eve, Naturi Naughton, Cam’Ron –
Heart of Queens (Official Video)

Sky ain’t the limit so I go higher
Walk through the fire
So put your hands in the sky if you wit me, yeah
Let me fix my crown
I’m in the place where it all goes down
If you didn’t know then I bet you know now
I said I’m from Q.U.double E.N.S.
Where the sky ain’t the limit, so I go higher
Been through the pain and I walk through the fire
‚Cause that’s the heart of a queen
Q.U.double E.N.S.

Queens Cast, Naturi Naughton – Love Still Finds Us

When hard times, they shake us
They take us into darkness, then we stumble
But light comes, even when we hide
Love still finds us
Love will find us

Queens Cast – All Rise (The Supreme Court)

Supreme is the queens when we come through
Ladies gotta do it how they want to
My body, my choice, you don’t own me
I made you, a queen is what you call me (All rise)
What you call me?
I made you, a queen is what you call me

Alicia Keys, Brandi Carlile – A Beautiful Noise

I have a voice
Started out a whisper, turned into a scream
Made a beautiful noise
When you’re all alone, it’s a quiet breeze
But when you band together, it’s a choir
Of thunder and rain
Now we have a choice
‚Cause we have a voice
It is loud, it is clear
It’s stronger than your fear

Alicia Keys – Underdog (Official Video)

One conversation, a single moment
The things that change us if we notice
When we look up, sometimes
They said I would never make it
But I was built to break the mold
The only dream that I’ve been chasing is my own
This goes out to the underdog
Keep on keeping at what you love
You’ll find that someday soon enough
You will rise up, rise up, yeah

Brandy – „No Tomorrow“

You don’t know it yet
I’ll tell you when you’re ready (Ooh-oh)
When you stare at me
I feel so beautiful
How you do it like that?
Opposites attract
When you stare at me
I feel so beautiful
I’m gon‘ blow your phone up
In case there is no tomorrow
And I won’t let you go, no
Like there’s no tomorrow

Cinderella Medley by Todrick – Starring Brandy